So you think you are good now, right? Keep it on.

You believe everyone is just so, so, so happy for you and your achievements. Congradulations, celebrations, tens of people gathered all to share your joy.

Presents, candles, smiles, pictures and fun having. This fits you. Yep, it is.

Oh yes, lucky you… you are really sparkling right now. Good for you. The world is yours. Indeed. It is.

Till now.

One day you will get old. One day you will get sick. One day you will get lonely. One day you will loose every kind of thing. Who will be near you than?

Whoop! You got the answer. Yep. You are smart. Indeed. No one. No? Well almost no one. It depends by you.

Your attention is not an unlimited gift. So when you decide to spend it, just be careful. Either you get it double onetime, either you wont get it at all.

Your time is not unlimited and not low-prised to vanish it into cheap people.